Best Sewing Machines for Quilting


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Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Review


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This is a review for the Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Sewing Machine. Designed with novice quilters in mind, this complete quilting package is comprised of a computerized sewing machine plus the necessary accessories. Although it has 98 pre-programmed stitches, it will appeal to the beginner with its basic features but affordable price.

Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Sewing Machine

Features and Specifications

Features for Quilters

Packaged with everything you will need to start quilting including piecing, free motion, stitching in the ditch and binding, you have the convenience of starting your project without having to order any extras.

Foot Accessories

Included in the accessory pack are the following quilting feet:

  • Walking foot
  • Darning / embroidery foot (for free motion and stippling etc)
  • ¼ inch foot
  • Open toe foot

Quilting Feet that come with the Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter

Feet for other sewing projects are also included:

  • All-purpose foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Blind Hem foot
  • Satin Stitch foot

Accessories that come with the Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter

Changing a foot is easy as it is simply a case of pushing the footer release button when the needle is in the “up” position, placing the required foot on the needle plate and then lowering the presser foot lifter so that it snaps into the new foot.

However, attaching the free motion foot and the walking foot is a little more complicated so you will need to read the instructions carefully on how to do this.

Extension Table and Throat Space

Considering this is marketed as being a quilting machine, the throat space is quite small at around 5.5 inches wide and high. Because of this, you may have difficulty with larger projects such as queen-sized quilts which can be limiting depending on what you plan to make.

However, the extension table is incredibly handy and will help support the fabric as you feed it through the machine.

98 Decorative Stitches

One of the main highlights is the 98 stitches that come pre-programmed into the machine. If you are keen to try out embroidery, applique or just want to embellish your work with some fancy stitching, you will love this aspect as do many customers who have left reviews.

Stitch panel on the Singer 7469 Sewing Machine

One past customer mentioned that changing speed while sewing a particular stitch as it can can create unevenness. However, the computerized system means that it is easy to change stitches which will come in handy if you are using a variety of designs in one project.

There is a slide out menu which you can pull out from underneath the machine that shows you all the available types of stitches for quick and easy reference.

Colourful Patchwork Quilt

Needle Threader

Many customers love the time-saving automatic needle threader whereas others found it a little tricky to work out. The best advice is to make sure you read the instructions thoroughly and once you’ve mastered it you will most likely not encounter any issues.

Thread Tension

The thread tension was one of the most commonly criticised aspects of this machine. Although some people didn’t have any problems with it at all, quite a few did. This may frustrate you if you are a beginner so it may involve some trial and error (and maybe a lot of patience!) with adjusting the settings, particularly if you are working with thick fabric or layers.

Threading the Bobbin on the Singer 7469Q


  • Lots of stitches to experiment with
  • Comes with all the accessories required for quilting including the extension table
  • Time-saving needle threader


  • Thread tension was an issue for many users.
  • Several people found the light was quite dim.
  • Throat space is rather small for a quilting machine
  • Didn’t handle very heavyweight projects so well.


If you are an advanced sewer and create large quilts that may be reasonably heavy and thick, you may find this model a little limiting. In this case you would be better off going for a more sturdy and solidly built machine, even if it means that you have to purchase the additional feet.

However, this machine is good for the price and suitable for those who want to learn how to quilt with an affordable sewing machine packaged with all the quilting accessories required to start a project. It is a particularly good choice for novice sewers who want to decorate their quilted projects with fancy stitching and are happy working with fairly lightweight quilts.

This machine is affordable but slightly more than some of the cheaper models that offer similar functionality. Check out the price by clicking on the link below.