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Juki TL-2000Qi Sewing & Quilting Machine Review


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This is a review for the Juki TL-2000Qi sewing and quilting machine. If you have some experience with sewing machines and quilting and you’re looking for a top quality manual machine for home use that will fly through thick multi-layered quilting projects, including large quilts, this could be the perfect choice for you. 

In fact, having sifted through past customer reviews for this Juki machine, one of the most commonly used words was “love”. That just about says it all but read on to find out more about why people it is so highly recommended.

Juki TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine

Features and Specifications

Juki is a Japanese brand that prides itself on producing high quality, reliable sewing machines for the home and also for commercial markets. 

Here are some of the key features of the Juki TL-2000Qi:

Superfast with a Speed of 1500 Stitches a Minute

This quilting machine was built for speed! Customers who have reviewed this Juki machine are absolutely in awe of its lightning speed in conjunction with the fact that it sews beautifully, smoothly and evenly. 

No quality is lost at high speeds and it means that you can complete projects extremely quickly. This is a great asset when piecing, creating multiple identical products or are working on a large sewing project.

Equally, if you want to sew slowly, the Juki does that too. The foot pedal is extremely responsive and you can take it at the speed you are most comfortable with.

This model doesn’t come with the button for speed control but it really doesn’t seem to be a necessary feature when you can control it so well with the foot pedal.

You may think that because it runs so fast that the machine might be noisy. This is certainly not the case! You will love the fact that although the motor is strong, it is extremely quiet.

Patchwork Quilt made with colourful triangles

An Extra Large Auxiliary Table

Customers absolutely love the extra large extension table (measuring 59 x 27.7cm) which means the sewing of large quilts is so much easier to manage. It has adjustable feet so that you can get the exact level required. In fact the machine is also built with a die cast arm and bed for low vibration.

Automatic Thread Cutter

The thread cutter is one of the most talked about features by past customers. It is extremely easy to use and is implemented by simply rocking your foot back on the foot pedal. It cuts the thread very short (about ¼ inch) so that you don’t waste thread and it saves time in having to snip the tails. 

This feature is especially handy if you need to keep your hands on your work.

Only a couple of people weren’t keen on this saying that they accidentally cut the thread a few times. However, the positive comments hugely outweigh the negatives and this is such a useful feature for quilters, speeding up the project and saving a lot of fiddling about with manually cutting threads

Handmade multi coloured pinwheel quilt

Heavy Duty and Built to Last

This manual sewing machine is a true workhorse and built with a metal body and components rather than plastic like so many other models. This means it is extremely sturdy and capable of handling projects that other machines may find difficult. There are other models on the market that offer similar features and may even look similar but the construction of this machine makes it superior in quality.

Working with multiple layers is where the Juki TL-2000Qi comes into its own. If you have experienced any problems working with multi-layers on other sewing machines, you will fully appreciate the capabilities of this machine.

It can handle all types of fabric weight, gliding through thick fabrics and several layers of fabric making quilting with the Juki a complete dream. One customer stated that it sewed easily through 8 layers of denim. It will also sew leather, but always make sure you use the correct needle for the fabric. 

A Free Motion Quilter’s Dream

One of the reasons many quilters love this model so much is the fact that free motion quilting on this Juki is so easy and creates such amazing and perfect results.

Unlike some lower-priced machines, it is easy to get the tension exactly right. You won’t have problems with thread breakages or uneven stitching either. In fact, you will find that free motion quilting with the Juki is a complete joy!

They have made it incredibly user-friendly for quilters by placing the lever to drop the feed dogs very prominently at the front of the machine.

A quilting foot for free motion foot comes with this machine so you won’t have to purchase one separately.

Manual Settings

One of the reasons why this is best for those who have experience with sewing machines is that it is a rotary hook machine and needs to be set manually (similar to industrial sewing machines).  

It is important to adjust the tension on the bobbin and top threads before starting or you could encounter problems. You also need to adjust the presser foot to prevent slipping of your fabric. However, once this is all set up correctly, the machine is an absolute dream to use.

Another point that you should be aware of is that it will needs oiling each time you use it. Although this may seem like a bit of a nuisance, it is, as one customer said, a positive feature. This is because many self-lubricating machines can encounter problems which mean sending the machine in for servicing. The ability to oil these yourself does away with all of that and you have the peace of mind to know that it is being oiled correctly and well-maintained. 

The manual is extremely user-friendly and shows you exactly where to put the oil so once you’ve done it the first time, it will be easy the next time.


  • This machine gives a high speed with no bounce and offers an excellent quality straight stitch.
  • This machine comes with a knee lifter which is another great time-saver
  • It has a needle up-down control, a great feature when quilting, enabling you to pivot without having to work an extra stitch to insert the needle.
  • It is a top quality machine built with metal body and components and no plastic.
  • Excellent free motion quilting ability.
  • Able to glide through layers of fabric effortlessly.
  • The body of this machine is designed so you can see what you are sewing easily.
  • The side-loading bobbin can be easily threaded without having to unthread the whole machine and it winds evenly.
  • Large cones of thread can be used on this machine which can be much more economical than purchasing smaller spools of thread.


It is difficult to find any negatives for this machine as most customers are so happy with it. However, these are the ones that do come up:

  • It would be great if it came with a few more bobbins but these can always be bought separately.
  • Some customers have said they would have liked to see a zigzag stitch on this machine. 
  • The automatic threading of the needle is hard to work out.
  • One customer said the carrying handle rattled at a certain speed but nobody else complained about this.
  • Needs oiling each time it is used.


This super-fast quilting machine is built to last coping with very thick layers and making free motion quilting an absolute breeze. A great work-horse of a machine offering one top quality straight stitch, this semi-commercial machine has everything a quilter needs.

It is a great buy for a machine under $1000 and beats many more expensive models when it comes to ease of use and quality of stitching.

Will This Be a Good Quilting Machine For You?

The Juki TL-2000qi is made for quilters in mind. With it's manual settings, it is not really a beginner’s machine, and as one reviewer said, it is not a “plug in and play” machine so those who are expecting this will have difficulty in using it. However, it is ideal for anyone who already has experience with machine quilting or is confident with how to use a sewing machine.